Updated at 12:15 p.m. with Reid’s comments

Andy Reid rejoined the Philadelphia Eagles after the death of his son, saying, that “coming back and coaching is the right thing to do. ... my son wouldn't have wanted it any other way.” (Stephen Flood / AP)

Reid had been away from the team since Sunday, when the body of his son, Garrett, was found in a dorm room at the Eagles’ Lehigh University training camp. Garrett Reid, who had battled drug addiction and was a strength and conditioning coach for the team, was buried Tuesday.

“I'm a humble man standing before you, very humble man,” Reid said after practice. “I'm humble because [of] the outpouring — not only from the media, but our football team, from the fans, it was unbelievable. Unbelievable.

“I'm not sure you think that many people care, not that you go in that direction. But it's a very humbling feeling. I know my son would feel the same way.”

Although no cause of death has been reported, police said that neither suicide nor foul play was suspected and Reid and his wife, Tammy, indicated in a statement Monday that their son had lost his battle with addiction. Reid gave no further information on that today.

“It's a sad situation. “It's one that my son's been battling for a number of years, our family's been battling. That doesn't mean you stop loving your son,” Reid said. “That's not what you do. You love him and a lot of families deal with this type of thing.”

Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie intimated after the funeral that he did not expect Reid to be away from the team for long, although Reid was free to take as much time as he needed. “I think what you'll see from Andy is that desire to be around another loving extended family,” Lurie said.

Coaches particularly seem to find comfort in a return to routine. “There were so many other coaches [at Garrett Reid’s funeral] ... who talked about how they returned after this type of situation,” Lurie said. “Bill Belichick and his dad. Tony Dungy and his son. And Joe Philbin and his son. So many of them wanted to get right back out there with their teams.

“It will be therapy for Andy.”

Today, it seemed to be. “I know that coming back and coaching is the right thing to do,” Reid said. “I know my son wouldn't have wanted it any other way.”

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