(Matt Smith / AP)

Initial reports indicated that Vick had broken his hand in the Eagles’ loss to the New York Giants on Sunday, but Coach Andy Reid said that a CT scan today showed a bruise and not a fracture.

“Michael Vick has a hand contusion, not a break,” Reid said. “We had a few different shots taken of his hand yesterday during the game. The early clips showed that there was no break. The ones that came back when he was on the field showed that there was a potential fracture there.

“Today he had a scan and it showed there was no break. It was a blood vessel sitting above the bone. That happens at times with X-rays. The blood vessel makes it look like it was a fracture. There is still a bunch of swelling. It is sensitive to the touch. The positive is there is not a fracture there.”

Vick has not been ruled out for Sunday’s game against the San Francisco 49ers; his status will depend on whether the swelling in his hand subsides, Reid said.

Reid also addrssed Vick’s comments about officials, saying, “His best interest is always in my mind, when he’s on the football field, in particular. I know he’s a marked man. I think it’s important that we all keep a close eye on him.”