Michael Vick and Andy Reid, on Monday. (Rich Schultz / AP)

“I’ve heard you guys comment about Dream Teams and all that stuff, and players come in talking about it, and all of that, but these guys haven’t had an opportunity to practice,” Reid said on “Mike and Mike in the Morning.” “So right now we’ve got a lot of good-looking guys standing around watching. Obviously, dreams aren’t reality.”

The Eagles added running back Ronnie Brown to their ridiculous haul Monday afternoon, prompting dreams (more dreams!) of a Wildcat 2.0 troika along with Michael Vick and Young. And it just gets sillier for the Eagles. The remaining free agents, ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweets, “want to go to Philadelphia — and are willing to take less to do it.”

Reid isn’t about to lest all his talent wind up playing in the Pro Bowl and not the Super Bowl in February.

“The reality will come when I can get my hands on them and get them into practice and we start grinding here like the other guys are grinding — that’s reality,” Reid said. “If you’re dreaming in this league you end up in about the third row with a concussion.”

Sounds like he paid attention to the NBA Finals.