With so much uncertain in the NFL right now, there’s a tiny grain of clarity on the Kevin Kolb situation in Philadelphia.

If the lockout ends before next month’s draft, Eagles Coach Andy Reid indicated that there’s a good chance that the team would grant Kolb’s wish and trade him.

“People have shown a little interest [in Kolb] and, as this thing picks up, I’m sure it will continue,’’ Reid said in an interview with Dave Spadaro on the team’s web site (via Paul Domowitch at Eagletarian). “Listen, we’ll sit back and we’ll evaluate.’’

From NFL scouts I talked to, league is split on the talent of Kevin Kolb--but all agree his value will never be higher. Have to deal him.less than a minute ago via webMatt Bowen

Kolb has a year left on his deal and, according to Domowitch, it wouldn’t be financially untenable for the team to keep him as a backup to Michael Vick. Still, a bunch of teams are going to need QBs when labor issues are settled. Why would you not consider moving him? (See Matt Bowen’s tweet.)

“He’s ours,’’ Reid said. “Everything else from there is easy. It’s kind of like what I said last year. If people are interested, they’ll come to you. But on the other hand, do we love Kevin Kolb? Are you kidding me?

“I mean, this guy is a helluva football player. You look at his numbers and the things he did when he had the opportunity to start, and you start six or seven games and you’re the NFC Offensive Player of the Week twice, and all the 300-yard games he put together and the way he commands the offense and all these things, you’re not in a big hurry to get rid of Kevin Kolb.’’

So...what about trading Vick, the QB that offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg recently said could be one of the all-time greats. “He sure was a pretty good quarterback before he came here,” Reid said. “You didn’t know about the layoff. You didn’t know what you were going to get after that. But he came in and worked his tail off.

“First of all, he identified some problems he needed to work on. Then, he and Marty and [former quarterbacks coach] James Urban attacked those problems. And he got better. There are some other things he needs to get better at. He’s identified those. This offseason and through training camp and the preseason, he’ll work on those.”