View Photo Gallery: Angelo Dundee, boxing’s legendary trainer, died Wednesday night at the age of 90.

Boxing may not be the popular sport it once was, but there’s still an aura of romanticism that surrounds it because of legendary trainers like Angelo Dundee.

Dundee, who died Wednesday at the age of 90, trained Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, George Foreman and 12 other champions, schooling them inside and outside the ring.

“He was wonderful. He was the whole package,” promoter Bob Arum said. “Angelo was the greatest motivator of all time. No matter how bad things were, Angelo always put a positive spin on them. That’s what Ali loved so much about him.”

R.I.P. Angelo Dundee. The Greatest Coach ever. I had the pleasure of spending time with him in Miami last year. What a true gentleman.Thu Feb 02 08:28:37 via Twitter for BlackBerry®david haye

Dundee recently attended the 70th birthday celebration for Ali, whom he met when he was Cassius Clay.

Dundee and Ali, at Ali’s 70th birthday bash. (AP)

His approach was low-key and he made sure that Ali could back up his words in the ring. “He did things so subtly and he did them because he was Angelo Dundee and he was investing himself in his fighters,” Bert Sugar, ghostwriter of Dundee’s autobiography “My View from the Corner,” said. “He would teach Ali how to do things and let Ali think it was his idea. He would finish Ali’s poems for him when Ali couldn’t come up with a line.”

In later years, Dundee was a broadcaster and an adviser who helped Russell Crowe prepare for his role as Jimmy Braddock in “Cinderella Man.”

RIP Angelo Dundee. My life is so much richer for having known him. He had the biggest heart of any man I ever knew. God love you Angelo.Thu Feb 02 05:34:47 via webRussell Crowe

Dundee knew, though, that the “fighter is the star.” He preferred to play his role and a complex one it was.

“You’ve got to combine certain qualities belonging to a doctor, an engineer, a psychologist and sometimes an actor, in addition to knowing your specific art well,” Dundee once said. “There are more sides to being a trainer than those found on a Rubik’s Cube.”

Angelo Dundee (RIP) .. thanks for the moments, the memories and the making of Champion Men.#AngeloDundeeThu Feb 02 12:01:51 via Twitter for iPhoneMC HAMMER

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