Whether LeBron James is the incredible shrinking man in the NBA Finals or just a Game 4 no-show , the simple fact is that he delivered an eye-popping, jaw-dropping, head-slapping set of numbers in a game in which the Miami Heat could have stuck a dagger in the heart of the Dallas Mavericks and taken a 3-1 series lead.

Instead, he entered an unholy eight-point, nine-rebound, seven-assist, four-turnover performance in the NBA Finals record books and the series is tied 2-2. His explanation for being outperformed by Dirk Nowitzki — a guy with a fever and a vicious sinus infection? “If I had had eight points and we won the game, I could be satisfied. The fact I could have did more offensively to help our team, that’s the anger part about it. I’ll come back in Game 5 and do things that needs to be done to help our team win.”

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See? It’s vicious out there.

Maybe James is distracted and disturbed by the criticism that swiftly and justifiably greets his failures. Or by the #lebronhairlinethemesong meme on Twitter. (Samples: “I Want You Back,” “Please Don’t Go,” “Wish You Were Here.”)

So now it’s best-of-three, with Game 4 a possibility to replace “The Decision” on the LeBron-o-meter of worst moments unless James can do what Magic Johnson advises on Twitter: “If @kingjameswants to silence his critics, he is going to have to play well in these next 2 or 3 games and win the championship.”

That’s all.

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