After Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler dumped fiancee Kristin Cavallari over the summer, is it possible the two are officially back together? And what does it mean for the Bears? So many questions.

This much is certain: after reports that they were working out their problems, they recently had a spa day and puttered about the kitchen and Cavallari tweeted about it. (Judging by the photo the former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant tweeted, they didn’t really devote themselves too enthusiastically to pumpkin carving.)

Just had an amazing spa day with @jaycutler6 now time to carve pumpkins and make tacos. What a perfect day ☺Tue Oct 25 20:39:13 via UberSocial for BlackBerryKristin Cavallari

While some celebrity sites are concerned about Cavallari, what about Cutler? What does this mean for the 4-3 Bears? Post bustup, Cutler had been on a maturation arc, despite cursing out his offensive coordinator recently.

Not to try to tell a guy what to do on his bye week — especially after a flight back from London — but ... a “spa day”? A Chicago Bear — particularly the one whose toughness has been questioned — is having spa days?