No, Maria Menounos, no. (DANNY MOLOSHOK Reuters)

It should never be done in formalwear.

It’s an act of genuflection. Peeking by the genuflectee is probably frowned upon by The One to Whom One Is Genuflecting.

It’s over. The whole Tebow thing. O-v-e-r, at least for a little while.

It was great fun while it lasted, but Tebow and the Denver Broncos were humbled Saturday night to the New England Patriots. (That happens to be the team from the state in which Menounos was Miss Massachusetts Teen USA, the team she roots for. But they won Saturday in a rout, so why pour it on? (Unless Belichick told her to.) Perhaps something from Ugg’s extensive collection would have been more appropriate.

(H/T Missy Rosenberg)