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After a morning filled with testimony about the procedure for conducting drug tests, former San Franciscon Giants trainer Stan Conte took the stand in the perjury trial of Barry Bonds and testified about physical changes he observed in baseball’s home-run king.

When Conte said he saw acne across Bonds’ back and shoulders, a side effect of performance-enhancing drugs, he was asked how much he observed. “Significant enough for me to notice it,” he gruffly replied.

Conte said he raised objections with General Manager Brian Sabean and manager Dusty Baker when Bonds brought his trainers, Greg Anderson and Harvey Shields, around. “I thought those particular individuals should not have access to the training room, that they should not have access to the clubhouse,” Conte testified. Although Conte said Sabean told him he could thrown Bonds’ entourage out, he did not do so because, when Conte asked management what would happen if Bonds complained, he received no response. “I assumed they wouldn’t back me,” Conte testified and he took no action.

Conte’s relationship with Bonds broke down when the two disagreed about how Bonds should rehab after knee surgery in 2005. “Barry would basically take over the rehab and do whatever he wanted to do,” Conte said.

Conte did not, however, say that he directly saw Bonds using steroids.

Bonds’ lawyer, Allen Ruby, opened cross-examination by questioning Conte about the wary relationship between ballplayers and trainers and whether players consider trainers to be management spies. Ruby also discussed Bonds’ weight gain with Conte, trying to establish that it occurred in the late 1990s.

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Former major league players Jason and Jeremy Giambi are expected to testify today in the perjury trial of Barry Bonds in San Francisco, something of a relief after the intimate and lurid details supplied by Kimberly Bell, Bonds’ former mistress on Monday.

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The Giambis, who have admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs they obtained from Bonds’ personal trainer, Greg Anderson, are expected to be among several athletes who will be called testify. Other athletes expected to be called by the prosecution are Armando Rios, Benito Santiago, Bobby Estalella and Marvin Benard. Former San Francisco Giants trainer Stan Conte and former Oakland Athletics trainer Randy Velarde are expected to testify.

Bell testified to changes in Bonds’ physique, sexual habits, injuries and their relationship — details that made for a courtroom “cringefest.” From Mark Purdy: No, Bonds was not the only baseball player who used performance enhancing drugs. But the others, even the ones who were caught, figured out a way to not end up in a federal courthouse with their mothers and other family members sitting in the front row, listening to sworn testimony about how their loved one's testicles shrunk. Ick.”