Barry Bonds very quietly stepped up about a month ago and volunteered to pay for the college educations of the two children of Bryan Stow.

Stow is the 42-year-old paramedic and San Francisco Giants fan who was beaten at Dodger Stadium after the Dodgers’ home opener March 31. He remains in critical but stable condition in a San Francisco area hospital and is under heavy sedation to prevent seizures caused by the traumatic brain injury. Last weekend police arrested a “primary aggressor” in the beating.

The news about Bonds was revealed Tuesday by Thomas Girardi, a lawyer for the Stow family, as he discussed the family’s lawsuit over the beating. Bonds, according to NBC Bay Area, visited Stow, a single father who has a son and daughter in grade school, during his hospitalization after the incident in Southern California.

“It was extraordinary of Barry Bonds, I thought,” Girardi said. “He didn't say anything about it to the press. This was just a gift he gave the family because he knew that it was going to be pretty important to the  kids.”

Other members of the Giants organization have reached out to Stow. Tim Lincecum gave $25,000 to the Stow family fund and, most recently, reliever Jeremy Affeldt visited Stow.