Emerging from the fog on its beautiful blue field ... it’s Boise State. (Otto Kitsinger III / Getty Images)

Boise State and San Diego State, presently in the Mountain West, will be football-only members. Houston, SMU and UCF, presently Conference USA members, will participate in all Big East sports. An announcement of the additions and the loosening application of the word “East,” could come as early as Wednesday. (See a helpful map here; feel your head explode a little bit.)

The Big East has lost Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Texas Christian and West Virginia over the last few months; ESPN reports that realignment would be in place for the 2013 season, which would presumably would enable the Big East to retain its automatic qualifying status for the Bowl Championship Series.

Navy, which is a football indepedent, is expected to join as a football-only member, according to ESPN. The conference is trying to add the Air Force Academy as its 12th football-playing school. Failing that, the Big East would try to add Temple.

Sources told CBSSports.com that, even with the new schools, the Big East will still try to make West Virginia, Syracuse and Pittsburgh honor the conference’s 27-month exit requirement and remain until June 30, 2014. John Marinatto, commissioner of the Big East, has said that the conference have more than 12 football members and 16 basketball members during the 2013 season. West Virginia and the Big East are hashing this out in court; other schools are monitoring the situation.

Oliver Luck, athletic director at West Virginia, said his school intends to join the Big 12 next season. “We're planning on all sports spending the 2012-13 academic year in the Big 12,” Luck said. “The Big 12 folks haven't given us a [deadline] date. We're 100 percent focused on competing in the Big 12 and with this season closing, have time to prepare for next year.

“Our coaches are starting to think about Kansas State, Oklahoma and Texas and all the other schools we'll be facing in the Big 12 next year.”


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