Enjoy the chowdah. (THE WASHINGTON POST)

But because this is bubbly Bill Belichick, the fact that he addressed the pending trade with the Washington Redskins at all in his press conference this morning was significant.

“I talked to Mike Shanahan last night and we’re in the acquiring process of Haynesworth, but that’s not complete yet, so there isn’t really too much — I can’t really comment on that at this point until it’s completed, if it does get completed.”

He pointed out, in a general way, that “you can never have too much pass rush” and said that he didn’t know what he had on the team because of the lockout. “I don't even know if I can tell you what our players can and can't do.”

Nor would he address how Patriots leadership would deal with Haynesworth’s often distracting locker-room presence. (At least they have a frame of reference with Randy Moss.) And he wasn’t about to say how Haynesworth would be used or what he was thinking in deciding to acquire Haynesworth in exchange for a fifth-round 2013 draft pick.

In an unrelated, but totally Belichickian moment, he was asked about the rules of football, which are always changing. “Bob Dylan talked about that.”