A happy ex-coach attended ZO2's Rock Asylum Benefit Concert recently in New York. (Mike Lawrie / Getty Images)

Cowher said:

“I’d just like to say this. I’ve not been contacted directly or indirectly by any football team or any organization. It’s all speculation, and it’s unfortunate because it affects the lives of many people that are in the profession.

“I am here to say to you today, I do not plan on coaching next year. I love where I work, and more importantly, I enjoy the people that I work with up here. So I can put all the speculation to rest.

“And if I have to repeat this in December again, I will.

“It’s a tough profession, I know there is speculation out there. I’m flattered by it to be honest with you. But at the same time it affects too many people’s lives. I like what I’m doing right here, and I plan on being back in the same seat next year.”

Sounds pretty definitive. Which means he’s likely to have to “repeat this in December again.”