Kendrick Perkins was on the receiving end of Griffin’s dunk. (Chris Carlson/AP)

It’s only the latest on Griffin’s growing highlight reel of jaw-dropping dunks, which could eventually make him one of the game’s all-time great finishers.

But where does this dunk rank among the best ever dunks on defenders ever? Here are a few of the most memorable posterizations of all time...

First, last night’s masterpiece from Griffin.

Perkins is starting to build his own highlight reel of the wrong kind. Griffin’s dunk was just the latest crowd-pleaser at the expense of the Thunder big man. Last swing, Dwyane Wade got up and threw it down on Perkins.

Wade was also on the receiving end last spring, when Chicago’s Taj Gibson came flying in for a fastbreak flush.

Speaking of the Bulls, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippin knew how to throw it down in their day, and Knicks center Patrick Ewing was often the victim.

No dunk highlight list would be complete without Dr. J. In this memorable slam, Julius Erving rocks the baby on Michael Cooper.

Vince Carter’s innovative efforts at slam dunk contests pushed the creative envelope in the NBA. But when posterizing, hang time and height of the defender are key factors, which is why Carter’s dunk over 7-foot-2 Frenchman Frederic Weis at the Sydney Olympics may take the cake.

So where does Griffin’s Monday night slam rank among the best? And what posterizing dunks are we missing?

The Post Sports Live crew also debated Griffin’s dunk.

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