Blake Griffin’s in-game dunks may trump anything you see in this weekend’s slam dunk contest. (Harry How/Getty Images)

Mozgov was at Staples Center on Wednesday night as the Los Angeles Clippers played host to the Denver Nuggets — and once again, the center found himself on the receiving end of a Griffin jam...along with two of his teammates.

Griffin scored 27 points and Chris Paul led the way with 36 as the Clips snapped a two-game skid with a 103-95 win.

This is only the latest in Griffin’s growing canon of dunks. You’ll recall his “dunk of the year” on Kendrick Perkins last month, and his emphatic slams have become a near-nightly occurrence.

But you won’t see Griffin throwing it down this weekend in the slam dunk contest. Instead it’ll be Jeremy Evans, Paul George, Derrick Williams and Chase Budinger — a regular who’s who of young players who have yet to, and may never, compete make an All-Star team.

Of course who would want to watch the best dunkers in the game — LeBron James have never competed — trying to one-up each other in the dunk contest anyway? That’s so passé.

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