The Stanley Cup — the very same Stanley Cup that is usually seen being carried by white-gloved NHL employees during the Finals — received somewhat less tender treatment during its trip to Newfoundland and Labrador and came away with — mon dieu! — a dent after it accidentally took a header off a table.

The Cup, pre-dent, in Michigan on Wednesday. (Sean Ryan / Associated Press)

It seems unfair to blame former Boston Bruins winger Michael Ryder, now with the Dallas Stars, for a faulty table and yet that faulty table gave way on his watch, on his day to tote the Cup around to all his favorite haunts.

Consequently, the Cup’s cup is no longer round. Good luck deking your way around being blamed for that one, Ryder.

Dropping trophies seems to be all the rage, but the Stanley Cup has nothing on the Copa del Rey, which fell under and subsequently was run over by a double-decker bus while in the care of Sergio Ramos and Real Madrid. Or, for that matter, the plate that comes with the Dutch league championship. So far, at least no one has pulled a Costanza and dragged a championship trophy around a parking lot.