Amusement parks have height requirements for many of their rides — “You must be X feet and X inches tall to ride this ride.”Inevitably, there are always some hopeful riders who don’t make the cut.

This might be how Delonte West is feeling after a judge told him he could not follow the steady stream of NBA stars heading overseas during the lockout because he is not permitted to leave the country.

(There’s a good chance that whole getting pulled over on a motorcycle with a loaded armory in its sidecar incident from two years ago could have factored into the decision.)

But West — a graduate of Greenbelt’s Eleanor Roosevelt High School — won’t let a little no-fly rule keep him from finding an alternative cash flow during the lockout. Following in the footsteps of Ron Artest, who applied to work at Circuit City during his rookie season with the Chicago Bulls, West tweeted last week that he filled out an application to work at Home Depot.

It’s official.. Pride 2 the side.. just filled out a application at Home Depot.. Lockout aint a game..less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet ReplyDelonte West

Gotta pay the bills somehow. Just don’t ask LeBron James to be your character reference.

(H/T Big Lead Sports)