U.S. Sen. Scott Brown (left) and Thomas Menino (Steven Senne / AP)

And Manglin’ Mayor Thomas Menino has presided over ’em all.

There was Jason “Varitek splitting the uprights” instead of Adam Vinatieri. Tom Brady’s favorite receivers, Rob “Grabowski” (Gronkowski) and Wes “Weckler” (Welker).

And the “ionic” moment Bobby Orr provided for the Bruins.

This week, though, the mayor may have gone too far. With the Celtics playing for a berth in the NBA Finals tonight (he corrected himself upon saying that the game was Friday), he noted that there’s a lot of “heart in this team,” especially with “KJ” and “Hondo.”

KJ and Hondo? Kevin Johnson was never a Celtics star and John Havlicek hasn’t played in, well, a few years. Activating retired players is the kind of thing that might draw the attention of Commissioner Donald Sterns — Menino said that once — or offend the people he was talking about, Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo.

By midafternoon, the 69-year-old mayor, who has presided over the city since 1993, had offered a correction, on Twitter:

“You know it's championship season when I flub our athletes' names! Sorry KG & Rondo, it's kind of my thing- another Menino-ism! #GoCeltics”

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