Green will suit you, Condi. (Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images)

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and South Carolina financier Darla Moore will be the first women to sport the iconic green jackets when the club opens for the new season in October.

During his weekly chat, Post columnist and Masters veteran Thomas Boswell recounted Rice’s first tour of the majestic course — which, as it turns out, he guided.

The first time she ever attended the Masters (when she was Sec of State) a mutual friend set it up so that I could show her (and her group) around the grounds all day, explain the history of various holes, where great shots had been hit, take her over where the players warmed up. We had a great day together, never stopped talking golf or sports. She's very informal, fun. (This is not a political statement or anything else.) She's a golf nut, plays a lot and a general sports nuts, too. And, being an ex-Stanford president, was crazy about Tiger then. She sat behind the 9th green so she could see the action on iron shots when they hit an elevated green with a tough pin position. And she stayed there much more than an hour. Eventually, I managed to say, "Madame Secretary, I have to go write my column now." My editor never found out that I blew off most of the day to be a tour guide. Well, until now. 

What’s your take on the club’s inclusion of the two women?

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