Brandon Weeden had his share of issues Sunday, but running onto the field wasn’t one of them. (Mark Duncan / AP)

In retrospect, maybe he should have stayed under the flag.

As he warmed up Sunday, Brandon Weeden, one of five rookie quarterbacks making his debut Sunday, suddenly found himself covered by one of those giant American flags that cover the football field and had to fight his way out from under it. (Watch here or after the jump.)

“Got no warning,” Weeden texted Yahoo’s Mike Silver. “Was throwing like I always do and they came haulin' [butt] with that thing right at me. ... I was kneeling and just crawled out. It was about 10 seconds, but it felt like forever.”

Weeden, the 28-year-old former minor-league baseball player who was Cleveland’s 22nd pick in the NFL Draft, found daylight — and then went out and threw four interceptions as the Browns lost 17-16 to the Philadelphia Eagles.

H/T SportsGrid, CJ Fogler

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