It’s a tough job, stalking a certain elusive quarterback and standing around in the heat in Hattiesburg, Miss., but about this time every summer someone’s got to do it.

This year, the duty fell to Jeff Darlington of the Miami Herald, because of rumors that Brett Favre, in spite of submitting retirement papers to the NFL in January, would decide to play football again, this time taking his talents to Miami.

“You’re from Miami?” Favre asked Darlington. “Don’t you have anything better to do?”

Typically, Favre, who will turn 42 in October, flings the ball at Oak Grove High School as he prepares for another season. Darlington found Favre at the school, but there has been no flinging. In fact, Darlington reports that Favre is not in football shape and spent a long vacation in Wyoming.

Which doesn’t mean he isn’t coming back for his 21st season ... somewhere, right?

“I haven’t heard anything, and I don’t have any interest,” Favre snapped and, Darlington reported, quickly retreated to a pickup truck. “No.”