It was either “a small gathering” (Florida Today) or a lone voice (Bill Ladson at Either way, someone was yelling “overrated, overrated” when Bryce Harper came to bat for the Nationals on Monday.

Clever. Yawn. It was no biggie except ... how does an 18-year-old, even a phenomenally talented, wealthy one, deal with that?

“I heard it, you can hear everything out there,” Harper said after the Nats beat Houston 14-9 in Space Coast Stadium. “You can’t really get into that. I’ve been hearing it since I was in high school, college. It doesn’t get old because I love it. I love hearing it. I love people saying that stuff about me. I like all the bad stuff.”

Especially when the good stuff outweighs it: two doubles, two RBIs (for a .308 spring average with four RBIs). Take that, those who would/did heckle.

(via Nationals Enquirer</a>)