Carlos Rogers ... and one of his three interceptions. (Michael Perez / AP)

Rogers, who signed with the 49ers as a free agent in August after six seasons with the Washington Redskins, told that he has given agent Todd France the green light to start working on a deal.

“If we can get something worked out, that would be great,” Rogers said. “My agent knows that I like what's going on here. I want to be here. This has been great for me, and I would love to get something worked out for five, six years.”

Rogers, 30, was the ninth overall pick by the Redskins in the 2005 NFL Draft. Seemingly unable to hold onto interceptions with the Redskins, the cornerback became a free agent and moved west, signing a one-year, $4.25-million contract with the 49ers. He has a career-best three interceptions through six games for the 5-1 49ers, who play the Cleveland Browns on Sunday.

Rogers told CSN that, although he and France have spoken generally about that figures that would be involved in an extension, Rogers isn’t concerned with that. “All that is up to my agent, the general manager and ownership,” Rogers said.

(How badly do you think the Redskins have missed Rogers this season and would you want them to pursue him? Just asking...)