Chad Ochocinco says he’s serious about the MLS. (Jamie Squire / Getty Images)

He stays busy.

He keeps in shape...although even he admits that his legs are a little, um, skinny. (“Looks like I’ve [got] something growing inside my calf muscles.”)

He has breaking news bulletins and soccer tips (“Speed is nothing without control, let the ball do the breathing.”) for OCNN.

He isn’t obsessing over Chrisian Louboutin or challenging Michael Symon to a cookoff.

Anyway, Ochocinco reports that he’s been asked to extend his MLS tryout with Sporting Kansas City through Monday (although we shall see how much longer it lasts). Ochocinco, who played the game as a kid, began a four-day tryout with Sporting (is that what you call the team? SKC?) on Tuesday.

#OCNNBreakingNews I’ve been asked to stay through at least Monday to play in the reserve game for further evaluation by coach Vermes #coolless than a minute ago via RockLiveChad Ochocinco

And he gets called a clown by another NFL player.

Man I think this cat @ochocinco is a clown. Bruh soccer seriously, sit down an wait for this lockout to b over and play what u no best.less than a minute ago via Mobile WebJermichael Finley