Chuck Pagano is the new head coach of the Indianapolis Colts (JOE GIZA / Reuters)

The team has a new general manager. It has a new coach. It is expected to have a new quarterback on board in April, regardless of whether Peyton Manning returns. (And it sure sounds right now as if he will not be back in Indy, even if healthy.)

Chuck Pagano, hired Thursday as the successor to coach Jim Caldwell, was defensive coordinator of the Baltimore Ravens in 2011 and spent three years as the team’s safeties coach. His resume reads like that of another successful coach, his boss in Baltimore.

“He's a coach's kid, like me,” John Harbaugh told Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star. “We have similar backgrounds. Both came up through the ranks the same way, college and the NFL, both emotional guys. But he's got his own unique style and personality. He's a very creative coach on the defensive side of the ball. And I know he can make that jump in terms of leadership. Players are going to take to him.

“Our guys love him. His enthusiasm, his personality. I'm sure you'll see that in the press conference. He's very upbeat and a hard-driving kind of guy. A great coach. I'm very proud of him.”

It certainly will be different in Indy, where the culture shift was “all so ... so ... so sudden,” as Manning told Kravitz.

Indy,we got one hell of a football coach with fire in his eyes! When I said,coach,r u ready 2b The Colts head coach,he said.. “Let’s hunt”Thu Jan 26 00:40:15 via Twitter for BlackBerry®Jim Irsay

It’s a brutal, painful change of course, but Manning also knows these things happen in sports and in business, particularly after a 2-14 season. Are the Colts going about change the right way? What are their chances for immediate success?

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