View Photo Gallery: Local viewers might have missed some of the fourth quarter action from Sunday’s NFC championship.

It was a tie game in the fourth quarter, with a Super Bowl ticket on the line. But in parts of Washington, some Comcast customers got stuck watching commercials instead of the final moments of a memorable NFC championship game between the San Francisco 49ers and the New York Giants.

Viewers report that ads for Comcast Xfinity interrupted the game at least four times, including once during the middle of a crucial play. People using DirecTV and Verizon did not experience the commercial interruptions.

Outrage at Comcast filled the social networks, but Comcast reports that the mistake was out of its hands. WTTG Fox, a local affiliate for Comcast, had control over local ads. According to spokeswoman Aimee Metrick, “We know some D.C. area viewers missed portions of last night’s NFC Championship game due to additional ads inserted locally, and we sympathize with their frustrations ... WTTG believes it was due to an equipment failure at their station.”

WTTG Fox has not returned a call for comment. Metrick said she believes the station is working to ensure it would not happen again.

Here’s a video captured by one viewer of the interruption via SB Nation:

And here’s a sampling of the outrage last night: