Ron Artest can’t dance, but he’s doing DWTS anyway. (JASON REDMOND/REUTERS)

At the time it seemed like a logical choice. Ron Ron is charismatic, a little (okay, a lot) nutty and it doesn’t look like he’ll need to worry about gearing up for the NBA season anytime soon.

Metta World Peace Countdown Clock: 14 days

But as it turns out, Artest initially balked at the thought of following in the footsteps as DWTS legends Emmitt Smith and Jerry Rice.

In an interview with People magazine, Artest said: “At first it was not appealing

“At first it was not appealing. I did not want to do it. I don’t dance and all of the dressing up and everything, but my daughter Diamond was like, ‘Daddy, you should do it.’”

In other vital Artest news, the man soon to be known as Metta World Peace told the Los Angeles Times he plans to pay off the parking citations that delayed his name change court proceedings last week.

“I’ll pay them off. I didn’t take classes on how to pay parking tickets. I’m taking classes. Anything you don’t know, you have to learn in college. Just don’t park at meters you’re not supposed to park at.”

Who knew?!?

Anyway, this is certainly a relief. This name change needs to happen if for no other reason that to see how he’ll abbreviate it on the back of his new No. 89 jersey. Artest’s next court hearing is scheduled for Friday, Sept. 16.