Travis Ivey was a good sport at Dolphins camp last summer. Dez Bryant was not at Cowboys camp, where hazing has now been banned. (Wilfredo Lee/AP)

A year after he refused to schlep teammate — and notorious poor tipper — Roy Williams’ shoulder pads after a training camp practice, the Dallas Cowboys are putting the kabosh on hazing.

According to a report from’s Tim MacMahon, Cowboys coach Jason Garrett has told his team that initiation practices and pranks that demean first-year players will not be permitted.

“It's just something I believe in and we believe in as a staff. The young guys are part of our football team. They certainly need to get themselves acclimated in a lot of different ways, and our veteran players are in charge of welcoming them to the NFL in a real positive way.”

Apparently giving rookies full team uniforms doesn’t fall under that category.

Two weeks ago Garrett announced rookies would “have to earn the right to wear that star” on their helmets.

“This team has been around 51 years, and it’s a great tradition. You have to earn the right to wear that star, and we’re very clear with the players about that. Just because you sign with the Dallas Cowboys doesn’t mean you earned that thing yet.”

Hazing was the talk of Big D last summer when Bryant thwarted Williams’ attempt to make the rookie receiver carry his pads. Bryant eventually got his comeuppance when he and his fellow rookies were left with a $54,896 bill at a Dallas steakhouse.

Garrett isn’t serving as the full-fledged fun police, however, saying “harmless things will still be in place.”

Harmless things like making rookies wear retro Detroit Lions helmets.