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One of the toughest things in sports is repeating as champion, which raises the question: what are the chances that an active NFL wide receiver will again be the “Dancing with the Stars” champion?

Can Donald Driver of the Green Bay Packers step into Hines Ward’s sparkly shoes and hoist the moderately-coveted Mirror Ball Trophy?

Athletes typically do well on the show, with six jocks winning, so that bodes well for Driver. (Or, perhaps, Martina Navratilova, who also is competing.) Another football player, Emmitt Smith, has won, although he was retired at the time.

Frankly, if this were the New York Giants’ salsa-swiveling Victor Cruz, the judges would just have to hand him the ball on the first night of the show March 19. But Cruz said no and, because Driver has yet to strut his stuff, we’ll just have to make a few football comparisons to Ward in order to assess his chances.

Both stand 6 feet tall. Ward is 35, Driver 37.

Overall career yardage: Ward, 12,083; Driver 10,060.

Experience: Ward, 14 seasons; Driver 13.

Career touchdowns: Ward, 85; Driver 59.

Super Bowl championships: Ward leads, 2-1. But note that Driver’s Packers beat Ward’s Pittsburgh Steelers in the Super Bowl in 2011. Ward caught seven passes for 78 yards and a touchdown in that game; Driver caught two passes for 28 yards.

Super Bowl MVP awards: Ward, 1-0.

All of which means nothing on any given ... Monday.