From the left, Daniel Snyder, Colin Powell and Roger Goodell on Sunday (Scott Cunningham / GETTY IMAGES)

In a blog post, Goldman provided background on and his impressions of the interview, which occurred after a Redskins practice Aug. 22 in Ashburn. Goldman reports that Snyder was eager to discuss the solar panels at FedEx Field, less so to discuss “the general antipathy that has greeted his ownership.”

Snyder, Goldman writes, kept “glancing uncomfortably at Tony Wyllie, the Redskins’ head of communications,” during the interview. “I honestly couldn’t tell whether he was shocked that I was pursuing that particular line of questioning, or if he was so insulated that he didn’t understand the depth and breadth of the criticism of the decisions he’s made as owner.”

Hmmm . . . in any event, two of the leftover items, in which Snyder discusses Sally Jenkins and former Redskins running back John Riggins:

Goldman: You have described a few of the personnel decisions you’ve made as “dumb.” In 2003, the Washington Post columnist Sally Jenkins wrote, “He runs the franchise with such lunatic impatience and excess, self-restraint is apparently not an option.” Do you agree with any of that in retrospect?

Snyder: I don’t know Sally Jenkins. I’ve met her once. I wouldn’t know her in an elevator. Obviously I’ve said a lot in the past about my mistakes, but from that standpoint I’m not gonna give Sally [trails off]. The media that knows me wouldn’t write that.

Goldman: Wouldn’t the fun part of owning the Redskins, the team you were obsessed with as a kid, be palling around with childhood heroes like John Riggins? But Riggins said not long ago, “It’s like the franchise has been taken hostage by someone who has the mind-set of a child.”

Snyder: I don’t know John Riggins. I mean, I’ve met him a few times, and I had dinner with him once. He was a great, great Hall of Fame football player that all of us admire from his days as a Redskin. But you know, you try to ignore what he says on talk radio or what have you.

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