Deion Sanders and his estranged wife, Pilar, in, as they say, happier days. (May 2008.) (Peter Kramer / AP)

In the latest installment of the reality series that is the divorce of Deion and Pilar Sanders, there has been another charge.

This time, Deion Sanders has been cited for misdemeanor simple assault in connection with a domestic disturbance that resulted in the arrest of his estranged wife, with whom he still lives in their suburban Dallas mansion, on Monday. He was not arrested and the charge covers any act that is considered aggressive — including touching or pulling away — and carries a fine of up to $500, according to a Prosper, Texas, spokesman.

Pilar Sanders spent Monday night in jail after also being charged with misdemeanor assault. At her arraignment Tuesday, Deion Sanders was granted a protective order that bars her from the couple’s home for the next 60 days and from threatening or harassing him or any member of the family.

On Tuesday, Pilar Sanders maintained her innocence upon being released from Collin County Jail. “I understand that I have very little chance of beating a Hall of Fame two-sport man that everyone seems to love and adore,” she said. “I'm a full-time mom — 100 percent for my children — and I just haven't been given a fair shake.”

Deion Sanders tweeted the altercation as it was unfolding Monday, complete with a photo of him and two of the couple’s three children filling out complaint forms. Rick Robertson, one of his lawyers, said in a statement Tuesday: “The unfortunate incident that occurred on Monday afternoon at the Sanders' home is a criminal assault that also constitutes family violence.”

Pilar Sanders’s mug shot. (Getty Images)

On Tuesday, Sanders tweeted repeatedly: “Strength is not only based on what u can lift,push,pull,press,carry,hold or squat. Its also measured by WHAT U CAN WALK AWAY FROM! Truth!” and “

Pete Schulte, Pilar Sanders' attorney, said the incident Monday began after she was dissuaded by police from obtaining a protective order against Sanders. After her arrest, police filed a protective order against her. Schulte said she suffered a broken thumb and split lip in the incident.

In 2008, the couple starred in the reality show “Deion & Pilar: Prime Time Love,” but that has since given way to a “War of the Roses” arrangement in which the couple still shares their 29,000-square foot mansion with their three kids in spite of the divorce petition Deion Sanders filed in December. In addition to the divorce and the incident Monday, Pilar Sanders has filed a $200 million lawsuit against Deion, his daughter Deiondra and Prime Time Enterprises and another lawsuit against Deion’s aunt, Laura Jones, alleging that Jones assaulted her, according to the Dallas Morning News.

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