Delonte West, Renaissance man, is trying his hand at the furniture business.

Locked out of his primary job as an NBA player, West has looked into positions at Home Depot and Sam’s Club (in the knives department) while working on a rap album. Now, he has landed a gig at Regency Furniture Showrooms, a Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia chain, in order to “stay afloat during the lockout.”

( Delonte West via Twitter)

Daniel King, a sales manager at the Brandywine store, confirmed to The Reliable Source that West is on the job. Or was on Thursday.

West, a graduate of Greenbelt’s Eleanor Roosevelt High School, is a familiar face around the store. “Sometimes he just stops by to say hi,” King said. “He can make some extra money, and it would make money for us.”

There was confusion initially about where West would be working. Selling furniture seems like a better thing for him than lifting it, but when Reliable Source checked in with Regency, he was in the warehouse.

Sure enough, West tweeted a photo of himself wearing a Regency shirt and chillin’, er, getting to know his new coworkers in the warehouse and “having fun at my new job.” Overall, he seemed pleased with a workday in the real world, saying Regency is a “cool place to be.

Who knows how long Delonte will last at this, though? In August, he was pretty excited about selling knives.

“I actually might have work with Sam's [Club], BJ's, selling knives,” West told True Hoop’s Adam Reisinger. “That's pretty cool too. I get a microphone and everything.”