Aaron Boogaard, seen here speaking at his brother Derek’s public memorial service in May, was in a Minneapolis court room Monday facing charges of drug possession and tampering with the scene of a death. (Renee Jones Schneider/AP)

Derek Boogaard, 28, died from alcohol and drug consumption that night, and now Aaron is under fire from prosecutors and faces one felony drug count and one gross misdemeanor for interfering with the scene of a death. Aaron Boogaard allegedly flushed additional drugs down the toilet of the apartment he shared with Derek before police arrived on the scene.

Boogaard’s family maintains the charges are ill-conceived and are furthering the suffereing of a grieving family.

In a statement published on the New York Times Slap Shot blog, another Boogaard brother, Ryan, proclaimed Aaron’s innocence.

“To insinuate that Aaron had anything remotely to do with Derek’s death, as Prosecutor Mike Freeman alluded to, is just plain wrong but, again, I cannot comment on specifics as it is before the court.

“Our family is still grieving over the loss of Derek and this has affected nobody more than his summertime roommate, training partner, best friend and loving brother, Aaron.”

Boogaard is out on bail but cannot use alcohol or non-prescribed drugs.

Derek Boogard singed a four-year, $6.5 million deal with the Rangers last summer but was knocked out for the season after a fight with Ottawa’s Matt Carkner on Dec. 9. Prior to his death, Boogaard had long been battling an addiction to painkillers and sleeping pills.