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The extensive and damning findings released in former FBI director Louis Freeh’s report on Penn State University’s handling of former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky condemn the school’s most powerful individuals for failing to protect the victims of sexual abuse on their campus.

In more than 160 pages written after the months-long investigation, Freeh details widespread failures on behalf of the university and its football program, as well as a baffling continued “concern to treat the child abuser humanely.” Freeh states that former university president Graham B. Spanier, former senior vice president Gary Schultz and former head football coach Joe Paterno, among others, actively concealed their knowledge of Sandusky’s sexual abuse for more than a decade.

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The damage to the victims of Sandusky’s abuse and their families will forever linger. But how will Freeh’s findings affect the future of Penn State and its athletics department?

Can Penn State’s football program recover or should the NCAA pull the plug? Explain your reasoning in the comments below.

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