When Blake Griffin viciously torpedoed a dunk over Oklahoma City’s Kendrick Perkins in January, many instantly called it the “Dunk of the Year.”

Asik got posterized, as the kids like to say. (Sue Ogrocki/AP)

Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook took one dribble on his way into the lane, then soared over Chicago Bulls center Omer Asik to throw down a massive one-handed dunk.

What makes it all the more impressive is that Asik is 7 feet tall, and Westbrook is 6-foot-3. Not only that, but if you watch carefully, Westbrook high fives Asik with his left hand on the way up, as if to say: “Thanks for the assist on this sure-fire top-10 highlight, buddy!”

But was this dunk impressive enough to bump Griffin from the top of the leaderboard?

Here are the two dunks, side by side for you to analyze.

So, which one takes the cake?

Westbrook also set up another impressive dunk on Sunday with this perfectly-placed half-court pass to Kevin Durant for the alley-oop slam.


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