Donald Brashear, in a bit of fisticuffs with Colton Orr from 2009. (Kathy Willens / AP)

Brashear, the 39-year-old former Washington Capitals forward, has signed a contract for at least one fight (and possibily as many as three) with Ringside MMA, according to His first fight could come as early as June 11 in Quebec City, but there’s a legal issue that could complicate the matter of obtaining a license in time.

Brashear’s last NHL game was in January 2010 with the New York Rangers. According to MMAdiehards, he is under investigation for an incident that occurred at the end of a March 25 game while he was playing in the Ligue Nord-Américaine de Hockey. He was suspended five games by the league and charges of assault were filed against Brashear on behalf of the alleged victim, Eric Labelle. The matter is in the hands of the crown prosecutor.

Although Brashear always has been a fighter and has posted his favorite NHL fights on his website, he told Mike Wise for a May 2009 story that he never really cared for it.

“To tell you the truth, I never liked fighting,” Brashear told Wise. “I always wanted to be the type of player that plays hard, hits, body checks and scores some goals. But that's not what they wanted me to be.”

(via Homer McFanboy,) Pro Hockey Talk)