Donovan McNabb meets up with Antwan Barnes (MIKE BLAKE / REUTERS)

And then there’s what Donovan McNabb did in the Minnesota Vikings’ 24-17 loss to the San Diego Chargers. “The bounced-pass offense” is what Minneapolis Star-Tribune columnist Jim Souhan called it. Washington Redskins fans knew it as the worm-burner. Whatever. Bottom line — and we do mean bottom — McNabb passed for 39 yards, with 37 coming in the first half. That’s what Peyton Manning calls one play.

“For me, being now in my 13th year, it's embarrassing to be sitting up here and to know we only passed for 40, 50 yards, whatever it was,” McNabb, who did rush for 32 yards,. “I mean, I could do that in a series. That's embarrassing to me, with the players that we have.”

He completed 7-for-15 passes for 39 yards and a 47.9 passer rating.

It wasn’t all his fault. The offensive line was less than superb McNabb and the second-half playcalling by offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave left little to the imagination.

“First half, I thought we started out great, we were moving the ball,” wide receiver Michael Jenkins, who caught passes for 26 yards, said. “We just kind of hit a wall in the second half, kind of got into a little bit of: Run, run, pass. It was kind of predictable for them on third downs.”