Larry Bird and Earvin "Magic" Johnson (center), shown at the curtain call for the opening night performance of the Broadway play Magic Bird on April 11 in New York, reunited for a new documentary on “The Dream Team.” (Allison Joyce/Reuters)

(Memo to U.S.A. Basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski: Set your DVR. Your boys may need a little added motivation this summer in London.)

The team that won it all in Barcelona had it all. Michael. Magic. Bird. Stockton and Malone. Ewing. The Round Mound of Rebound. Clyde The Glide. “The Admiral, David Robinson. Mullin, Pippin and a kid from Duke who had just hit the biggest turnaround jumper in the history of the college game.

The one marquee player that star-studded roster lacked? The NBA’s best point guard at the time, Isiah Thomas. And if there was any doubt as to whether the “snub” would make it into the film, these quotes from the teaser answered that question.

“I don’t think we wanted to be on the team if he was on the team. We’re enemies,” Scottie Pippen said of the personal rivalry between his Bulls teammate, Michael Jordan and Thomas.

“I didn’t select anybody. OK? If you weren’t chosen, then shut the hell up,” Jazz great Karl Malone said.

Other highlights include Jordan admitting he had hoped he wasn’t chosen for the team, but eventually agreed to play and plenty of anecdotes about coach Chuck Daly, who brilliantly managed the massive egos on the team.

The documentary airs Wednesday night at 8 p.m on NBA TV.


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