The Cameron Crazies are crazy about their Duke Basketball — so crazy they might even sue their family members over season tickets. (GRANT HALVERSON/AP)

But the latest story out of Durham may bring new meaning to term: blue-blooded basketball fan.

According to a story from the Associated Press, Katina Dorton — the daughter of a longtime Duke basketball season ticket holder — is seeking unspecified damages and asking the Wake County Superior Court to invalidate the “fraudulent transfer” of a pair of Cameron Indoor Stadium season tickets to her sister, Sophia, and her husband.

While this may not be the biggest family feud involving a tradition-rich sports program sporting the color blue (Dodgers anyone?), it’s certainly one of the more bizarre lawsuits you’ll see.

Then again, this is ACC basketball we’re talking about.

Said Dorton’s attorney, Randall M. Roden:

“This is important and it’s valuable. She’s a graduate. She genuinely wants to support the Blue Devils and go to the games. But she was shocked by the way Duke handled this.”

Dorton’s father, John, a Duke graduate and dentist who treated athletes and coaches, paid his dues over the years, earning season tickets through contributions to the Iron Dukes booster club. When Sophia Caudle’s then-fiancee, Gordon Caudle, transferred the tickets into his name in July 2008, John Dorton — who died in January 2010 — was “ill and unable to act for himself.”

The lawsuit alleges Caudle was not a member of the Dorton family at the time of the transfer and therefore had no authority to repossess the tickets. Apparently Duke never bothered to inquire about claims from other members of the family.

Just how good are these seats that have split a family down the middle? Pret-ty, pret-ty, pret-ty good, according to Roden.

“They’re good seats in Cameron. That’s a big deal in anybody’s book”