Ronnie Brown after his unsuccessful goal-line play Oct. 2. (Suchat Pederson / AP)

The Philadelphia Eagles, who acquired the running back in August, traded him to the Detroit Lions today. In return, the Eagles obtained running back Jerome Harrison and a 2013 seventh-round draft pick.

Brown has appeared in all six games with the Eagles, gaining 38 yards on 13 carries. His most notable play was an oddity in which he tried to pass the ball when he was stopped at the goal line by San Francisco. Brown decided to pass at the last moment to fullback Owen Schmitt as he was being dragged down (watch here). The ball hit the ground and the Niners recovered on what was ruled a fumble.

Brown offers the Lions insurance, with Jahvid Best suffering his second concussion of the season Sunday.

Harrison was with the Eagles for eight games last season; he has 14 carries for 41 yards with Detroit this season.