Members of the world of sports dealth with the 5.8 earthquake that jolted the East Coast on Tuesday in different ways. One athlete took off in a sprint that was caught on video. Others kept doing whatever they were doing — which meant showering. One minor-league team rolled back ticket prices for “quake survivors.”

Torrey Smith of the Baltimore Ravens went with a Usain Bolt impression when the shakin’ interrupted a video he was shootin’ on the team’s practice field at Owings Mills, Md. Later, he tweeted, “I survived an earthquake. #IGOHARD” Technically, he outran it.

In the Philadelphia Eagles’ locker room, there was a lot of standing around. Defensive end Trent Cole was in the shower and admitted, “it kind of freaked me out.”

There was a baseball game going on at the Jake in Cleveland, where the press box shook but the game between the Indians and Mariners went on uninterrupted. In Washington, the Nationals’ game against the Diamondbacks was delayed briefly. In New York, Nick Swisher was sitting in his 21st-floor apartment. “I wasn't nervous about anything, but I was like, ‘This is not right,’ ” Swisher said. “My TV is moving in my living room and I'm not touching it. It was nuts. It was crazy.”

But not as crazy at the prices for tonight’s minor-league baseball game in Frederick! The Keys announced that they will “shake prices for earthquake survivors” (too soon?) and sell $5.90 general-admission tickets for tonight’s game. “This price represents the quake’s effect on the Keys’ ticket prices,” the team’s press release states. No word yet on whether the price, like the quake, will be reduced to $5.80.