Eli Manning takes care of another TV duty, filming a DIRECTV commercial with Deion Sanders (right). (Brian Ach / AP Images for DIRECTV)

Of course, that hasn’t stopped Eli, who won his second Super Bowl to Peyton’s one in February, so there’s totally hope for this week. “SNL” and NBC have released a promo video, which is worth watching for the moment when he kills Kenan Thompson with a pass.

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The “SNL” crew famously put one New York athlete big shot, Derek Jeter, in a dress in 2001 and Jeter offered a little advice to the youngest Manning.

“I tried to have fun with it, but I was nervous,” Jeter told the Record earlier this month. “It’s a tough week. It’s a lot to do. You’ll gain a lot of respect for those actors and actresses on that show. It’s a lot of work that goes into it.”

The Mannings have quite a body of comedy work but Peyton’s still the hands-down winner, for now, for this:

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Those Mannings are funny

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