Eli Manning and Kenan Thompson, during rehearsals for “Saturday Night Live.” (NBC / AP)

The time of reckoning is now at hand ... the frustration of an older brother who thinks he can boss you around ... older brothers can be real [dillheads] ... I’m your worst [intentional bleep for humor purposes] nightmare.

Those are all things Eli Manning said in a “Saturday Night Live” sketch about the “Little Brothers” group, dedicated to helping kids cope with irksome older sibs. It was the funniest bit in Manning’s debut.

He wasn’t bad, but Eli didn’t quite top Peyton in the comedy department. He was game, though. There was Eli Manning, as he’s stuffing Andy Samberg into the trunk of a car: “Maybe now you’ll learn to treat your younger brother with some respect, Peyton.”

Samberg: “My name’s not Peyton!”

Manning: “Whatever.”

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Whatever. The Mannings playing against type and beating up kids always equals comedy gold. At least Eli didn’t embarrass himself terribly. Except for perhaps the Brett Favre-ian moment in a sketch in which he’d taken a pic of himself with a banana.

Really proud of the way Eli handled the big stage. Think I’ll get him a present to celebrate. Maybe a banana lol

— Justin Tuck (@JustinTuckNYG91) May 6, 2012

Or the obligatory drag scenes.

You know who’d probably be great at this? Robert Griffin III.

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