View Photo Gallery: Iker Casillas hands the Euro trophy to King Juan Carlos of Spain.

The final goal of the team’s 4-0 victory in the Euro 2012 final set a sports-related Twitter record, with 15,000 tweets per second. Overall, Twitter officials say that there were 16.5 million tweets worldwide during the match. Given that Twitter isn’t that old, the record doesn’t seem likely to stand for very long, but it’s still impressive.

And the celebrating didn’t with end with tweets. “La Roja” returned to Spain today from Kiev and joined a party that helped Spaniards take their minds off their nation’s economic troubles. Players met with King Juan Carlos and rode an open-air bus ride through Madrid, with this trophy faring better than the Copa del Rey a few years back. (All trophies should have handles.)

“This team cannot make the crisis go away, but it’s managed to provide a level of joy and inspiration that goes well beyond what sports can produce in normal times,” said Javier Morales, a doctor, told the New York Times. “All the talk at the hospital has recently been about health care cuts, so I’m really looking forward to having something much happier to discuss in coming days.”

Miguel Blanco, an 18-year-old student who was wrapped in the national flag, found hope in the win. “The crisis has made Spain look like a hopeless country, when, in fact, we’re showing tonight that we’re the best in Europe.”

They’re close to being the greatest team ever anywhere, The Post’s Steven Goff writes. That’s a comforting thought for a country that returns to its troubles when the party ends.

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