Tim Tebow jumps into the crowd to celebrate his game-winning touchdown pass in his first playoff game (MARC PISCOTTY / Reuters)

How big a deal was it when Tim Tebow threw an 80-yard touchdown pass on the first play of overtime to send the Denver Broncos to a game next week against the New England Patriots?

It was so big that even Lady Gaga tweeted about it (with a bleep). So did some of Tebow’s former opponents, athletes and others.

Giants fan but wow. #Tebow Thats what the **** a champion looks like.Mon Jan 09 01:13:14 via webLady Gaga

Wow again!! We had a similar win like that in Denver when I was with Packers, first play of overtime Touchdown!!!Mon Jan 09 01:13:14 via Twitter for iPhoneNickBarnett

Tebow... Tebow... What a game! The magic lives on... Or is it Faith? I know what I believe! #fbMon Jan 09 01:15:16 via Twitter for iPhoneKurt Warner

TEEEEEEEEEBBBBOOOOWWWWW!!!!!! OOOOOOOOOHHHHH NOOOOOOOOO!!! @richeisen @DeionSanders @QBKILLASun Jan 08 23:51:20 via UberSocial for BlackBerryMaurice Jones-Drew

Tebow had a 31.6 yards per completion average. Tebow 3:16Mon Jan 09 01:28:27 via EchofonKirk Morrison

Champ is crying. This scene down here is ridiculous http://t.co/5m4G65KGMon Jan 09 01:11:54 via UberSocial for BlackBerryLindsay Jones

Great job by #Tebow and the whole team.... Is that what #Elway ment by #PullTheTrigger lolMon Jan 09 01:11:28 via EchofonRobert Henson

Tim Tebow continues to haunt my teams. First FSU and now my Steelers. Tired of seeing him!Mon Jan 09 01:26:16 via Twitter for iPadBJ Upton

Tebow’s finish to the season was ugly. Big time today. What I like most, with all the hype, he works hard to win every game. Effort on 1000Mon Jan 09 01:27:20 via Twitter for BlackBerry®Jamal Anderson

Anyway... On to another subject.. How about this Tebow character?Sun Jan 08 23:52:50 via Twitter for iPhoneBrody Jenner

H/T Matt McFarland