Disgraced former FIFA vice president Jack Warner (left), is threatening to ruin FIFA President Sepp Blatter. (Shirley Bahadur/AP)

Now three days before Blatter is scheduled to announce the details of an anti-corruption drive that was a pillar of his campaign, his former right-hand man is threatening to further tarnish Blatter’s already shaky reputation.

Former FIFA vice president Jack Warner said Tuesday that he plans to release a “tsunami” of corruption allegations against his former superior.

In a letter to the Trinidad and Tobago Guardian, Warner wrote:

“I have promised in the past a tsunami that would hit the FIFA, and indeed, it will come.”

Mohamed bin Hammam — who was slated to opposed Blatter in the June election — is currently filing his appeal to the Court of Arbitration of Sport against a life ban for bribery. The scandal resulted in Warner’s resignation, after reports surfaced that he may have been involved in a series of $40,000 payments for Caribbean voters during the election.

In his letter Warner warned that the information he plans to release would make FIFA’s sponsors “cringe with painful surprise.”

Following his suspension by the ethics committee in May, Warner published an email in which FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke suggested Qatar “bought” the rights to host the 2022 World Cup.

Warner, who served FIFA’s governing body for 28 years, also said he plans to expose racism within the organization and Zionism, which he claims was the reason for bin Hammam’s downfall.

“Blatter now suddenly sees the need to reform the FIFA from within in his last term of office and in the sunset of his days,” Warner wrote. “This is hypocritical to say the least for it is public knowledge that his four terms of office have been dogged with controversy and allegations of corruption to which he has never responded.”