That’s one ($130 million) problem down, and one (much bigger) one to go, for Dodgers owner Frank McCourt. (Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Jamie McCourt will receive about $130 million, according to an anonymous source quoted by the Associated Press. The McCourts reached a settlement on June 17 that would have given Jamie $100 million and possession of each of the former couple’s six homes. But that deal was contingent on the approval of a 17-year television contract with Fox, which MLB commissioner Bud Selig rejected.

While a stiff price to pay, removing Jamie McCourt from the equation will allow Frank McCourt’s legal team to focus on the ongoing bankruptcy court feud with Major League Baseball. As part of the divorce settlement, Jamie McCourt has agreed to withdraw her opposition to the proposed sale of the team’s media rights, which Frank McCourt claims will lessen his financial strain.

Jamie McCourt had previously asked the divorce court to order the team sold in order to prevent her ex-husband from retaining control of the team.

Selig and MLB are attempting to persuade a bankruptcy judge to file a reorganization plan that would force McCourt to sell the Dodgers.

The league assumed control of the Dodgers’ day-to-day operations in April before McCourt filed for bankruptcy. Selig has long expressed concern with the running of franchise during the McCourt’s ugly, drawn-out divorce proceedings, which began last year.

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