The Chicago Bears were apologetic. The Baltimore Ravens were fuming. The Kansas City Chiefs were innocent if speedy bystanders. In the end, everyone ended up with the players they wanted, but the journey to that point wasn’t pretty.

Late in the first round of the NFL draft Thursday night, the Ravens wanted to move back and add a fourth-round pick. The Bears wanted to make sure they got their man, Wisconsin offensive lineman Gabe Carimi (who stayed in Madison to complete a project for his civil engineering degree) and were willing to do a deal.

Through no fault of their own, the Ravens, on the clock with the 26th pick, were unable to get the deal done before time expired.

Just want to thanks the bears for picking me and can wait to meet the team, fans, & org. (& block for @jaycutler6). What a great fit!!!less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet ReplyGabe Carimi

With about three minutes left on the clock, Ravens General Manager Ozzie Newsome had contacted draft officials to say that the team was trading its 26th pick for the Bears’ 29th and a fourth-rounder. The league must hear from both parties before time elapses and, well, the Bears’ Jerry Angelo didn’t get through in time — even though the whole purpose of the move for Chicago was to jump ahead of Kansas City and take Carimi.

The Chiefs went ahead with their pick, which turned out to be Pitt wide receiver Jonathan Baldwin. That left Carimi still available and Angelo apologizing.

“It was our fault,” Bears General Manager Jerry Angelo said. “They did everything according to the rules. ... We had a disconnect. Whatever you hear, Baltimore did everything right.”

The Ravens ended up with their target, Colorado cornerback Jimmy Smith at 27. Newsome, according to the Baltimore Sun, told the NFL that the Ravens should get the fourth-round pick, a request that was denied. Peter King reports that Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti will press today for a fourth-round pick or for some other way of righting the situation.

Seems impossible that, in 2011, a trade could not be completed in time. “I’m only able to talk to the league,” Newsome said. “The number of trades that we’ve made – and this group knows we’ve made a lot of trades – the only way the league will tell me, ‘Okay, you’ve got a trade,’ is after they talked to the other team. Then, they’ll [say], ‘Okay, Ozzie, you’ve got a trade. Baltimore, you have a trade.’ That never came about. They told me, ‘Ozzie, you need to pick.’ ”

The Ravens had a problem making a pick in 2003, when the team sought to move three spots up from No. 10 to take quarterback Byron Leftwich. Jacksonville, picking eighth, intentionally tied up the phone lines to prevent a trade between Baltimore and Minnesota. Baltimore was rewarded by the karma comissioner, though. It took Terrell Suggs with the 10th pick. See? Karma.