Hawaiin surfer Garrett McNamara was surfing in the Atlantic waters off the coast of Portugal on Tuesday and caught a 90-foot wave. Sitting at a desktop in Washington, D.C. on Friday, I gasped with horror/amazement when watching a video of the wave. How McNamara kept his cool to ride the wave down safely is a feat I couldn’t imagine. Maybe even more impressive is how cooly he recounts the run in the video below.

A little context and background: Capital Weather Gang looked at how a low-pressure system near Iceland was responsible for the wave that McNamara ended up on. And McNamara set a record for the biggest wave ever surfed. According to Geology.com, the biggest wave ever recorded was the result of a 1958 earthquake in Alaska and was estimated to be 1,720 feet.

But that doesn’t make McNamara’s achivment any less jaw-dropping. As the video shows: