New York Giants safety Deon Grant took issue with any suggestion that he was faking an injury as a tactic to slow down the St. Louis Rams’ no-huddle offense Monday night.

“I wanna ask a question: From the first time I touched the football field, how many games [have] I [missed]?" he said, via ESPN. “None, right? [Out of 162.] None. Now to this day I got two torn MCLs. I just had wrist surgery two years ago. I had a hole in my labrum and a torn rotator cuff. I [haven't] missed [any] games.”

With the Rams driving inside the Giants’ 10-yard line in the first quarter, Grant went down and was attended by trainers. His collapse, along with that of Jacquian Williams, drew immediate attention from “Monday Night Football” broadcasters, a complaint from the Rams and a reminder by the NFL to teams.

“I went out one play,” Grant said. “I got banged up, and went right back in and finished the game -- [just like I have] every game for my career. My whole thing is when [do] you know [if] somebody [is] faking an injury?”

Grant pointed out that his right knee was larger than his left and said he’d been hurt on the previous play.

“But as I was walking they lined up knowing I couldn't get back into my position because of the injury, so I went down,” Grant said. “It just so happened Jacquain -- he was catching a cramp at the same time -- and he went down.

“I went out [and] came back in. I've been doing that my whole career. But you go and check my medical report. I [have] the injuries to speak for it. Two torn MCLs I never had surgery on. Wrist surgery. Shoulder surgery. Broken hip with a metal plate with screws in it, so I don't fake nothing. How can another person that's not in your body tell you when you're faking an injury?”